About me

Author of the book WildlyDivine ‘You are Your Own Guru’

Hi, I’m Jackie Gee-Faulkner & I’m genuinely thrilled to share this journey with you.

I’m really passionate about helping women to nourish & connect with THEIR OWN spiritual heart energy so they can finally accept themselves for who they’ve always been, own their own truth & step confidently out in to the world to share their gifts. Allowing yourself to receive yourself is the only real magic sauce you will ever need for living a truly powerful & soul flowing, abundant, fully loving life.

From the deepest aspects of my soul, I so get what it’s like to be a woman who just knows that she is meant for so much more in this life. I too am a woman who for decades has struggled in different ways with different things at different times of my life yet through all the pain, fear, disappointment, sadness & yes even on occasion, celebration, I have deeply yearned to fully accept myself, understand where I fit in this world and know how I can be of deepest service to my own soul and that of others.

This deep longing to crack open the door (warts and all), to my truest most authentic self has led me on a long and somewhat meandering path which at times, to call it challenging, would be the understatement of the year! My journey has been lonely at times for sure and yet also incredibly liberating. I have stayed determined and steady, digging deep & deeper still on my own path of truth always moving in the direction of almost anything that would help me to work out how I can best authentically & fully ‘come home’ to my own mind, my own body and my own soul.


I have attended courses & worked personally with many of today’s leading global spiritual healers. I am also a trained 200 hours certified yoga teacher (I trained for my own growth & fulfilment rather than to teach) but as a passionate yogi these teachings offered me a depth of knowledge & valuable insight in to how to move forwards thorough the acceptance of the now moment which helps allow the opening & coming together as one ( alignment in yogi & spiritual speak!) of my mind body & soul.

I’ve engaged & learnt over decades from way too many to remember spiritual courses, workshops, wisdom conversations & chats over coffee with kindred souls as well as more formal training’s all of which have natural mind, body, spirit nourishment at their heart & all having their very special roles in helping me to come back home, accept, allow & remember who I really am.

Jackie also organised & facilitated a 3 day ‘Come home to yourself’ mind body spirit event in Scotland in 2018 that included both local & international speakers who came to share their amazing insights & wisdom…huge gratitude to all that came because you all shared your authentic true wisdom no matter what you perceived your role to be.


As human beings we love and need each other.  Thank you for showing up, you are truly a very valued part of  our Wildly Divine Community. Know that if you are living life from your heart then you are by definition a part of the new wave of awakened Light Workers. It is you who is helping us all to wake up & dust ourselves off!   Allow yourself as an individual to restore balance deep with in by fully remembering that you really are the magnificent conscious creator of your own life. When we come from this place of  allowing the integration of both our Divine masculine & feminine balance, it is so much easier for us as global sisters to collectively come together joined through our one heart energy & contribute towards creating an amazing new way of living, thinking & being, A New Heaven on Earth.

With Love