Who Am I?

Ooooh Such a big profound question isn’t it? Who am I, don’t we all just want to press a magic button & tadddahhh the answer to perhaps the biggest question that we have ever asked of ourselves just simply & very magically appears & then phew big sigh of relief, great we say to ourselves, job done, we can now just get on with enjoying our life! Ahhha, if only it was that simple…but may be, just may be life is really simple and our human self is the one that makes it difficult…just may be life isn’t actually complicated at all.

How often do we feel lost, confused, wondering which way to turn, what if we do & may be more worryingly what if we don’t? Where is life taking us & what are we doing with our life are questions so many of us ask ourselves as regularly as ordering a coffee from our favourite coffee shop. We’ve tried the breath work, the meditation, the yoga & spent a fortune on endless self help books & on line courses that claim finally to be the missing bit of the puzzle…crack this, tweak that, improve on this & create a bit of the other and for sure we’ll be well on our way to solving that ever elusive & incredibly mysterious questions…Who am I & What’s my purpose? Oh God, if only it was a case of reading a few more blogs & then we’d be sorted!

No one told us it was a journey that actually lasts a lifetime. probably many, many lifetimes! No teacher at school ever shared that actually we are our very own source of magical power & very few teachings, spiritual or otherwise have genuinely conversed that the answer to solving, to cracking, to make all dreams come true lies with in us. They’ve talked about the Law of Attraction, about manifestations, just think it & it will magically appear in your bank account, just imagine it, visualise it on a board with cuttings from a living designs magazine, your dream house, private beach resort & bikini sun washed body and low & behold, wave of a magic wand & it’s yours, simple as that! If these are the answers to the question of Who am I? then I must be a lousy manifestor. I must be doing it wrong somehow, How come I can’t get this, back to the meditations & spiritual books I go…searching once again outside of me for the quick fix, the instant million pound win, the new relationship game shaker!

In essence there is some truth in the whole manifestation thing but what we have still had to learn is that the truth is not just something we pray or chant to, it’s not something that we just imagine in our heads and poof the magic fairy delivers. What we are now wakening up to is the fact that we hold our own power, we are our own Spiritual power, Divine power, Goddess power, Universal power, God doesn’t live out with us, oh no, he, she, ‘it’ lives with in us…you, me, the girl next door, the shop keeper, the yoga teacher, the baker & the candlestick maker are all included in this game..no one is that special that they’re excluded, nope not even you…we are all equal, we are all included & we are all invited to the same spiritual power party! Wow! Hold up, just swing that past me again! We all belong, we all fit the same invitation criteria, we’re all included & we’re all exactly the same when it comes to deciding the rules of this game called ‘Human embodiment & Mother Earth experience of a Spirit!

Phew! What a relief, all these years I thought I was different, out on the fringes always wondering where & when do I take my place in society, when is my space valued enough that people see me, thank me, congratulate me and value my contribution, my voice, my gifts….ahhh, I finally get it, I get it, I really now get it. All these teachings, books, blogs, workshops, on-line courses have all been about me guiding me back home to me! I am enough because no longer I need others outside of me to validate me, I am the power, I am my own spiritual guru, I am my own healer, my own amazing source of powerful energy that can create anything & everything I could possibly every create in my head, I can manifest all of that & so, so much more by simply allowing and accepting me, little old me, who would have ever guessed! My God, is it really that simple…YES!!

If you feel yourself in the vibration of any of this, know now like never before, you do matter, you are here for an amazing & beautiful reason & that this spiritual/human partnership experience sees you, validates you exactly for who you are right now & needs you to start awakening to the real truth of who you are. You are not a misfit, you are a change maker, you are not a health hazard you are learning through the journey of self compassion how to show true love for yourself & others, you are not a loser, a failure or a waste of space, you are a dreamer acting out a spiritual vision of how to live a better more in the moment creative life, it’s not that you are not enough ohhh no no no, far from it, it’s in fact you are so way, way so big, your energy is so way so magnificent & your vibration is so high & truly masterful way beyond words that you have struggled to exist, to cope, to feel your way amongst this heavy 3D vibration on Planet Earth.

This is not your fault! Has anyone ever told you what a brave soul you are, anyone shared just how beautifully enlightened and spiritually wise you actually are which is why you never fitted in with school or the traditional 9-5 job…oh no no, no, you knew that fuelling the greed of the economic & materialistic based system was only going to ever dim your powerful light & keep you fuelling the power & control for the few that ever benefits from such a corrupt, negative, low vibrational operating system. You are off such a high vibration, you specifically chose to come here to Earth at this truly revolutionary time as a way shower, as a sharer of the light, as a messenger to share your gifts for a new human experience. You r souls desires all alog have been about raising the vibration of Mother Earth & all it’s inhabitants so we can once again after 1000’s of years return to live like our ancient civilisations, the Atlanteans, the pleiadians, the Lemurians, start re-living our daily lives from a place of balanced Divine Masculine & Feminine energies, mutual respect & where we are securely anchored in the power of our Divinely connected Self love aspect of our selves.

Who Am I? It’s simple, really simple, You Are Self Love, for that’s all you’ve ever been & all you ever need to be, that’s enough & so are you!

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