Are You Expressing The Whole Of You?

Have you ever asked yourself  am I living my fullest, most complete life? If your answer is yes then great, if your answer is no then take a few moments to shut your eyes and ask yourself this simple question and  wait a few moments to see what your soul responds with.

Of course we’re all looking for the response to be a big fat yes but for most of us something is simply missing.  How often do we look and compare ourselves to others and this just then seems to confirm to us that we are ourselves are merely still work in progress. We start to wonder whether we’ll ever make it, ever be quite good enough, ever quite successful, creative, rich, smart..fill in the blanks for yourself. In other words it’s not a question of is our life ever going to be enough it becomes more a question of are we ourselves ever going to be enough. It’s easy and really understandable no matter our age to start to feel that we’re running out of time!

The problem with comparing ourselves to others is that we only compare a part of what we believe and perceive to be the whole picture of ourselves with a part of what we believe & perceive to be the whole picture of others. As we all know, two parts don’t necessarily always stack up to make the whole, many parts can make up the whole! The danger lies when we compare our perceived and believed weaknesses to what we perceive & understand to be others strengths. We’re only ever comparing part of the picture, so we’re only ever going to get part of an answer. We’re never going to leave this scenario feeling great about ourselves, anyone can see that a mile off!

The truth is we are more often than not blinkered to what is and what isn’t the whole truth of ourselves! For many, many years I believed and ‘saw’ a part version of myself. More importantly I felt a part version of myself, I knew deep down there was  so much more to me yet somehow I couldn’t get that part of me up to the surface so I could connect with it in my every day reality. It’s taken time, a very long time to get to a point where I finally feel whole and complete. I’m not going to tell any lies, it’s been a hard old slog, getting to the truth of who I really am. Why is it so difficult for so many of us to connect with that inner spark of soul wisdom and deep knowing truth that we are so much more than what the world is currently getting to see from us?

The simple reason is we hide! We hide from ourselves, either knowingly but more often unknowingly and in doing so we hide from our spiritual wisdom, our soul’s deep desire to connect and work with and through us every single moment of our  lives.

WHY do we hide? For 101 different reasons we hide the whole of ourselves from ourselves. Many of us are scared of the power of our own truth. If we start to bring on board our spiritual power  we begin to fear where it will take us,  we start to feel the miss truths of I’m not worthy of success and status or money. These are some of the most common reasons for not allowing ourselves to be whole and complete because many of us run the subconscious ( although it can often be conscious for some too) the belief of I’m not worthy or I’m not deserving. Following closely alongside these  two key beliefs for many are the Beliefs, Thoughts, Feelings, Perecptions (BTFPs) of I’m not good enough! These are 3 major BTFPs that can cause unbelievable havoc, stress & continued feelings of stagnation and a deep persistent feelings of not feeling fulfilled no matter what you do or how hard you try.

Where do these 3 key BTFPs come from. Well they may not actually even belong to you! You may be carrying the pain for your ancestors, you may be carrying Karmic energies or have made vows in previous lifetimes. or possibly a combo of all of these. This lifetime is now all about you wakening up to the truth of who you really are. The whole of you!

You have  chosen as a soul to come to Earth at this time to serve yourself and in doing so you serve the greater need of humanity and our planet Earth home.  Many, many people are starting to wake up across the entire globe to the fact that we are spiritual beings having a human experience and not the other way around. We are starting to remember who we truly are and now it’s now time as individuals for us to start connecting to our passions and purpose for why we chose to come here and birth ‘our own’ truth at this particular time of our human evolutionary consciousness.

If you are reading this and something no matter how small is feeling alive and sparked inside of you, then breathe, you are definitely well on your way to remembering the truth, the whole of who you personally and really are and not who you think you should be!

Not sure if you’re spiritually wakening up, remembering or wondering if this is all just in your head. Feel there’s something stirring for you but  find yourself still struggling to get to grips with all this ‘new age’ stuff, then 3 quick ways you can confirm to yourself that you’re starting to come spiritually online:

  1. Are you increasingly being drawn to books, blog posts, conversations, Google searches, workshops, courses that at the core of their messages is a teaching on how to live a more heart centred, connec- ted way of life.
  2. Are you increasingly starting to question, feel uncomfortable about things that never used to even cross your mind. Becoming  more consciously aware and a real desire to change or reject the way you shop, the things you buy yourself and what you choose to gift to others is often a great indicator that you’re starting to spiritually wake up and remember why you opted to come to Earth at this amazing time of human global awakening.
  3. Are you starting to feel disillusioned with the fake-ness, exaggerations, miss truths of the media, governments, retail, food, diet& fitness and pharmaceutical industries, in fact is the Corporate world now starting to feel like a less likely place to actualising your dreams of success, financial freedom and overall genuine happiness…time to start looking, desiring and connecting with your life through a new spiritual lens!

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