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Easypeasy Homemade hummus


We get through buckets of this stuff in our house & it’s so easy to make yourself. Use it for a plant base to fill wraps, dips for crackers, a side tapas to go with a main and as a baked potato filler to name but a few ideas.

Jam packed full of nutrition, the sesame seeds in the tahini makes sure you get a great protein & fibre boost plus you get a shot of calcium & Vit C & Vit B6  as well as some really important minerals such as  Iron, Magnesium and Zinc to name some of the big nutrient bullets.

You can switch this basic hummus recipe up flavour wise any way you want. Obviously, there’s a traditional recipe commonly found in the Middle East that you will be a stickler for if you’re a traditionalist but I’m a big believer that there’s no rules when it comes to food..make it your way, add your twist & enjoy!

Personally I’m not very good at sticking to recipes and tend to go off piste at every opportunity. For things like this I also generally don’t measure or weigh ingredients, I tend to just use my intuition and experience to guide me but you may prefer to be sure and look up a recipe.

The main ingredient for hummus is chickpeas, sometimes known as Garbanzo ( Spanish) beans. Traditionally also used is tahini which is just simply pureed raw sesame seeds  ..NB this is different from tahina which is more of a prepared sauce.

I prefer to use organic ingredients as much as poss because I’m a big believer that it’s so much better for our human nutritional needs & much more gentle & sustainable for the planet. I do like to avoid man made chemicals as much as I can! I also tend to buy dried chickpeas in bulk, then sprout them & make raw chickpea hummus but I’ll share that another day. Meanwhile here’s a quick 5 min ‘one stop shop’ blender recipe.


1 can ( 400g) Chickpeas save a few to the side to decorate

2 tblsp tahini

1-2 tbl sp Organic Olive Oil..use a little to decorate

Juice of 1 lemon

2 cloves garlic

Salt & Pepper to season

Blend & Add some water slowly if prefer smoother consistency.


Additional twists:

Fresh Coriander, Parsley,Paprika, Smoked Paprika, Roasted Red Pepper, Cayenne Pepper, Lime, Fresh Cherry/Vine tomatoes…Add to taste

Serve in a bowl & decorate with a few  whole chickpeas & a drizzle of olive oil & fresh basil or coriander leaves on top for that special green touch.



Don’t have tahini to hand no problem,  you can sub any nutter butters instead of tahini eg almond, peanut or cashew usually being the easiest ones to get hold off.

Points worth noting though if you use Peanut butter watch you don’t over do it &  end up with more of an Asian satay style. Using Cashew butter does make the hummus ultra creamy but it can end up being an expensive  option if you’re making it in regular batches as the price of cashews are often double-treble that of peanuts meaning you get a smaller jar of cashew butter  for double-treble the price of the other plant butters.

Finally, disclaimer here, if using nut butters, always worth remembering  to mention to anyone eating your hummus that it contains nuts just to cover yourself with all that food allergen stuff out there!






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    Hi Jackie,

    I think the site is looking fab! I love this post in particular and your opening paragraphs on your home page are so inspiring. Love all your words of wisdom :). I will be sure to keep up with your posts. Hope there will be many, many more to come!

    Keep going it’s lookin’ great!


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